Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Fun

So sometimes, you have to just let your hair down a bit, right? The kids love the pillows...I know, I know, not everyone allows playing with the furniture, and I would like to think it's all about the moderation right? The kids spent a day home making forts with these pillows. ALL of the is absolutely adorable how the older ones incorporate the younger two into things. For obvious reasons, they include Gianna a lot more...regardless, adorable. So they were supposed to be cleaning up, and this is what we see...Ha! Jes was ready to end it pretty soon after we saw it. I thought it was a good "kid" moment. They don't jump on their beds or on the couches, but the pillows every once and awhile?! When they are being so good playing with each other?! I especially like Gianna's "preparedness" in the second picture. These are the moments they'll remember right? And if I die tomorrow, I'm glad I got to see these faces first ;)




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