Saturday, January 22, 2011

First flu

First flu EVER. I consider myself blessed that Gianna is two and this is the first time the flu has visited. Lucky for us, Gianna is the only one it hit hard. Poor girl woke up crying in the middle of the night...ran in with a WONderful surprise ;) We pulled the mattress in next to our bed for a few nights to be able to hear. I did soak up the extra cuddliness...I think that is a gift from God to make up for all the cleaning and extra chores sickness brings with it ;) Evie woke up one morning with it, but it passed afterwards...thank God for breastfeeding! (at least that's what I like to convince myself was the case for not being more ;). We watched several Disney movies for a couple days...not my norm for sure, but kept her entertained when she didn't want to do anything else by lay around. Took quite awhile before she'd sleep in her room again, there was a conditioning that made her think her room would cause it again ;) Poor thing...

As the flu wore off, her body was still recooping...She was wanting me to play, cleaned up my craft stuff for me (next picture) and fell asleep before we got to the playing (above picture)...Notice the outfit she picked out?! That is a shirt she is wearing as a dress, by the way. And the angelic folded hands, adorable.

Again, still recovering, found her like this...wondered why she was so quiet...there was my answer!
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  1. I love the one of you two cuddled on the bed. Those sweet mama moments are the best. I'm glad she's feeling better!