Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laundry and dishwasher pictures

Big smiles!

Playing with kitty cat toys

Helping mom fold the laundry...or unfold the laundry

Loving the vibration of the dishwasher ;)

Park pictures

Playing with the sand for the first time ;)

Swing pictures

She LOVES to swing

Nap time begins!

Done with nap time! (obviously not the same day...)

Summer is here

So the first tooth is in! For a few weeks now. Still waiting for the second to come in... keep thinking it is coming, but still hasn't reared it's sharp face! Gianna is sitting and crawling, pulling herself up EVERYwhere. She is definately going through a mommy phase. Poor dad, she's fine once I've been gone for a bit, and she forgets I'm not there, but otherwise, she hears me or sees me and won't leave my side. She has almost mastered the pincher grasp. She's still a little bitty thing, but moves around like crazy! She loves the outdoors. This summer already we've been to the park and zoo. She loves the sand (a new experience), but is not so sure about the grass (as many can attest to). Waiting for a pool experience! suit is all ready! She is making all sorts of new noises! and imitating us! She now knows how to clap to the word "Yay!" Sometimes, others will say yay, and she will look at them with this questionable look and start clapping wondering if "I'm supposed to do this?" It's adorable. She also imitates a "bop" noise made by pulling her lower lip from the roof of her mouth. She also copies the Indian noise with her own hand if someone else does it. She grows so much every day! I can't imagine not being here with her. But life has gotten harder financially, that's for sure. I keep praying it will pass, that all newly married with children hit a rough spot for a few years. But seeing that smile and bounce every time I get her out of her crib in the afternoons makes it well worth it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's teething!

She is finally getting teeth! More to come, but now it's lunch time...