Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I am a firm lover of an idea called "God romancing." This was an idea elaborated on in a book called "Captivating" by John Eldridge. Anyway, it is when you see how God is actively pursuing you, as an earthly lover would, in a very personal way through your life. A friend from an old work place introduced me to this idea, and it has radically changed my life. I like to look for this through my daily experiences. Anyway, Gianna loves Barney; I think this is because she is in love with music, and he is too. Barney was coming to town, and I thought it would be a fun experience for us to go to the concert. It was not a realistic option for the budget, however, so I had told my mom to listen to B98 in the mornings in case there was a giveaway (and of course to let me know so I could listen in). She sends me a message early one morning that they were having one that day, but doesn't know when or any other details. I don't see the message until the morning show is almost done, so I call the station to ask if they have already done the giveaway. I am then asked why "are you needing some tickets?" So I briefly explain my situation. I am then put on hold and put on the air while being told that I "won." What are those odds? God romancing. I LOVE it. So of course we went. Gianna was better from the flu, but starting to act a little strange again. We got to follow up Barney with a trip to Minor Emergency...Jes and I had begun to have a hunch by that morning, and our suspicions were confirmed...a UTI. BAH! Much better now though! Praise to You!!! At least we managed a few smiles ;)




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First flu

First flu EVER. I consider myself blessed that Gianna is two and this is the first time the flu has visited. Lucky for us, Gianna is the only one it hit hard. Poor girl woke up crying in the middle of the night...ran in with a WONderful surprise ;) We pulled the mattress in next to our bed for a few nights to be able to hear. I did soak up the extra cuddliness...I think that is a gift from God to make up for all the cleaning and extra chores sickness brings with it ;) Evie woke up one morning with it, but it passed afterwards...thank God for breastfeeding! (at least that's what I like to convince myself was the case for not being more ;). We watched several Disney movies for a couple days...not my norm for sure, but kept her entertained when she didn't want to do anything else by lay around. Took quite awhile before she'd sleep in her room again, there was a conditioning that made her think her room would cause it again ;) Poor thing...

As the flu wore off, her body was still recooping...She was wanting me to play, cleaned up my craft stuff for me (next picture) and fell asleep before we got to the playing (above picture)...Notice the outfit she picked out?! That is a shirt she is wearing as a dress, by the way. And the angelic folded hands, adorable.

Again, still recovering, found her like this...wondered why she was so quiet...there was my answer!
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Anyone else have problems finding the perfect Christmas card? I can never find the ones that say the right thing, have enough places for my pictures, have the right picture size; and don't even get me started about picking the perfect picture. I have four beautiful children! How do you bottle that up into ONE picture? It just plain doesn't happen. Consider it a HUGE God romancing moment when you actually get one picture of everyone smiling with their eyes is just exhausting. But He definitely romanced, that is for sure. It is delayed...better late than never, right?! I hope you all had a MARvelous Christmas. I will pray that this new year brings joy to you all.















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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bath time

Bath time and I have a love/hate relationship. There never seems to be a great time for it. With homework at nights, meals (ALL times of the day, and you don't want to bathe them when they are just going to get dirty again!), breaking me apart from anything else. Gross. But when I get them in there? Let's start out with the fact that I LOVE being clean...and love everything associated: the warmth, the smells of shampoo, the lotion, the cute baby slipperiness (shoot, don't know if that's a word either, probably not). But to see them enjoying the water as much as they do! And without fail, if Gianna doesn't want a bath, the second she sees her baby sister in it, she's stripping as hard and fast as she can, "I want bath tyuuuuu" (hope you caught that ;). It just warms a mothers heart. Seeing them there, remembering how small they were when you gave them the first bath. Washing and loving on every wrinkle. Seeing their beautiful, natural smiles. Cuddling them afterwards, wet in the towel. I watched a show where a woman lost her and legs right after her second baby was born. She talks about how she can't pull them out of the tub with the towel anymore, can't cuddle with them while they are wrapped and swaddled in the towel...can't warm them up from the frigid air. It wasn't until then that I realized how much I truly had to cherish even those moments. The little ones...while they are EXCITED to cuddle with momma. And I hope I never take that moment for granted again.


Don't you love how "rollicious" she is? I know it's not a word, but here...seriously, it should be.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Fun

So sometimes, you have to just let your hair down a bit, right? The kids love the pillows...I know, I know, not everyone allows playing with the furniture, and I would like to think it's all about the moderation right? The kids spent a day home making forts with these pillows. ALL of the is absolutely adorable how the older ones incorporate the younger two into things. For obvious reasons, they include Gianna a lot more...regardless, adorable. So they were supposed to be cleaning up, and this is what we see...Ha! Jes was ready to end it pretty soon after we saw it. I thought it was a good "kid" moment. They don't jump on their beds or on the couches, but the pillows every once and awhile?! When they are being so good playing with each other?! I especially like Gianna's "preparedness" in the second picture. These are the moments they'll remember right? And if I die tomorrow, I'm glad I got to see these faces first ;)




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