Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I am a firm lover of an idea called "God romancing." This was an idea elaborated on in a book called "Captivating" by John Eldridge. Anyway, it is when you see how God is actively pursuing you, as an earthly lover would, in a very personal way through your life. A friend from an old work place introduced me to this idea, and it has radically changed my life. I like to look for this through my daily experiences. Anyway, Gianna loves Barney; I think this is because she is in love with music, and he is too. Barney was coming to town, and I thought it would be a fun experience for us to go to the concert. It was not a realistic option for the budget, however, so I had told my mom to listen to B98 in the mornings in case there was a giveaway (and of course to let me know so I could listen in). She sends me a message early one morning that they were having one that day, but doesn't know when or any other details. I don't see the message until the morning show is almost done, so I call the station to ask if they have already done the giveaway. I am then asked why "are you needing some tickets?" So I briefly explain my situation. I am then put on hold and put on the air while being told that I "won." What are those odds? God romancing. I LOVE it. So of course we went. Gianna was better from the flu, but starting to act a little strange again. We got to follow up Barney with a trip to Minor Emergency...Jes and I had begun to have a hunch by that morning, and our suspicions were confirmed...a UTI. BAH! Much better now though! Praise to You!!! At least we managed a few smiles ;)




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