Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Zoo

There are few things in Wichita to truly get out to do, at least compared to bigger cities. And you just HAVE to enjoy this beautiful sunshine somehow! Spring break brought some beautiful weather, and thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift (Uncle John, we miss you), the zoo is ours to share again for another year! I definitely missed it last year. More to come...I have been lagging HORRIBLY, I know...but at least you can see all our pride and joy ;)

Perfect zoo lunch...

Perfectly Chase :)

Evelynn, enjoying every moment

And Gianna's new face...MUST love toddlers...

Evelynn in her glory...

The bear was actually in the water!

The loves

As a side-note, these shoes have been a must have for the kids! Available so many places now, they can get wet, they breathe, and they are very comfy! G's are from Kohls

Not minding, because she is two ;)

If only you could hear the little one's laugh ;)

because her snack is all gone ;) Drama queen? Nah...


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