Sunday, May 8, 2011

KC with Jen

We are MADE for relationships. This is a fact, and I suffer without them. I love my family, and they help this need a lot, but still, I need my friends too. I feel myself sinking without them. While attending college at Benedictine, it was a WONDERFUL place for relationships. All my friends lived together in the dorms. We would walk around the dorms at all hours if we needed a good chat (or sometimes maybe just wanted to procrastinate ;). Now, being so far from so many people that truly touched my life in ways I am newly grateful for every day, I LOVE opportunities to be able to meet up with friends. Jen (eh hem) called and said we needed to get together one particular weekend, and it was do or die for her ;) So, Jes covered for me on the homefront, and us girls took off. It truly was an adventure ;) always is with us, we seem to get caught in all the wrong places every time we're together, but oh the memories we have to tell! I was blessed to get to see Abby again too!

In love with the fountains :)

And Evie will do just about anything to be near water! I couldn't keep her in my arms any longer.

And here was her experience ;)

We went to the T-Rex restaurant. This was a first, and an AMAZING experience! Gianna was not nearly as afraid of the moving dinosaurs as I thought she would be! Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel?!

Ummm, this was a CHILDREN's portion of pudding...luckily my little one knows self-control and stopped when she was full, shortly after this bite...

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  1. Beana, is no longer do or die, which means...another roadtrip soon? Sans dark parking lots, etc! (bahaha) What you said about relationships is SOOOO true. Fact: You & I need each other...GIGANTIC time. I love you more than a fat kid would love that "children's dessert" at T-Rex. I also miss you more than words can say. Talk soon? LOVE YOU