Sunday, May 8, 2011

zoo with Kelly

Not that we need any excuse to go to the zoo, we love the place (even if we are just there for forty-five minutes), but when Kelly comes to town, yay! Something to do, because, sorry Wichita (I do love you most of the time), there is not a lot to do in this town compared to others. It was a BEAUtiful day, and hardly anyone was there! This a RARE ordeal for sure. And we soaked it up for sure.

This picture took FOREVER to take because of being distracted by a sheep that got loose ;)

Nearly perfect picture...

Should have done hers first ;)

She was hungry, and she needed to show us where!

First try with strawberry milk! It should make an appearance in any child's life!

I'd say it was a winner!

And the aunt fed her fruit snacks...she reminds me of a baby bird ;)

LOVE this face...if only you could hear the noise that accompanies it as she inhales and exhales quickly at the same time...ha!

Imitating her sister

She finally likes feeding them! This one too, to hear the hilarious, loud, deep voice of this girl...makes my heart melt!

First experience with the drinking fountain.

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  1. Love them all! What good memories :). And I especially love the one where she's showing you where she's hungry. (And I did imagine the noises, made the pictures even more fun!)

    Happy Mother's Day!