Thursday, April 19, 2018

Destination: DisneyWorld

Well, after 10 years of being married, my husband finally made another dream come true.  He got us a 12 passenger van.  

Okay, just kidding.  But we did decide to make the splurge to rent one for a once in a lifetime trip.  End goal? Disney World.  

Every since the first time I landed in Disney World at 7 years old, it changed my life. I know, I know, some are rolling their eyes.  Some would say that they would rather be ANYwhere other than Disney World.  But for me, there is magic here.  Thinking about it briefly, it seems silly.  Break it down and it is just an amusement park, right?

I just can't quite explain it.  The smiles you see are contagious.  The company tries so hard to see that everything is picked up, that everything goes smoothly, that the kids are perfectly entertained, that the employees are HAPPY to be working.  They work hard to make this place truly something out of a Fairy tale.  If you have not stopped to watch a "Behind the Scenes" episode of Disney, you should take the time to do it.  It is incredible.  

And because of this, I could never tire of experiencing this place.  I could never tire of the smiles, the laughter, the families spending time together, the utter joy, the kindness, the conversation, the ability to forget everything else for just a time.  So, after 10 years, we decided to pack up our family of 8 and drive the 1400 Miles to Florida.  

So hear goes, our first BIG roadtrip.  

There was a lot of this: 

and this: 

and yes, no trip would be complete with a toddler without some of this:

But overall, there is a GREAT story to be told.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not one of my favorite holidays...something needs to change, starting with the number of stops we make on Halloween!  This is one holiday that just seems to have lost it's luster.  I am going to brainstorm ways of improving for next year...If anyone else thinks of any, let me know!

The day does give some excellent shots though!  Seriously, how often are WE able to dress our kids up in cute costumes and actually get away with it past the standard toddler meltdown. 

This was earlier in the day.  So very cute.  We don't have many leaves at our house, so they truly loved the opportunity to play in someone else's!

I love these next pictures, because they show their personalities very well.  Evelynn is just fun-loving period.  She immensely enjoys a good laugh.   

Evelynn gets along well with Gianna, the slightly (lol) dramatic toddler who loves being doing anything for a laugh.

Waiting at MiMa and Grandpa's to see if they really do have to perform a trick to get a treat?!

We made a stop at Papa Jerry's and also saw Grandma Karen.

We went to Kelly's and to show off our wings and tail-feathers...

Posed with Aunt Kelly (I think she may have gotten the best set of smiles all night).

We started calling her Lydi-bug as a nickname ;)

This was Fun Night at the school.  Chase decided he didn't want to dress up.  I guess he's reached that age...
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