Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day!

Typical Gianna face ;) Of course she wants the camera!
Oh this is better ;) Enjoy cinnamon rolls on a Snow Day!

All ready to play! This a ski suit that my mom doesn't think has been worn/used since I was two and spent all of a few minutes on the bunny slopes before I cried for mom and dad and wanted to go in ;) I didn't like the cold then either! We went back to my parents a few days later and she immediately said "nose, nose?" as we pulled up, thinking we were going to play in the snow again!

First sled! She LOVED it...Grandpa was kind enough to take her out with Aunt Allison. He carried her back up the hill at "PaGa and MaGa" 's house the first couple of times, so every time after that she would stay laying saying "gin, gin!" She was quite disappointed and showed her terrible twos when bubba would dump her out ;)

Chilling after the snow!

She wanted to keep the hat on! Hot cocoa and graham crackers...waiting on snow ice cream that "PaGa" was making. She has been reversing some syllables, so that is how she repeats Grandpa (and grandma). The funniest one is when you call her a goober, she repeats "Booger"...Jes tried to correct it, but I told him it was funnier this way ;)

The kids rolled this all by themselves! It was stuck about twenty feet away from the house, because they couldn't roll the bottom any further! For a while, Maisy had her scarf and hat on him (or her?) was adorable!
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Monday, February 8, 2010


Thank goodness the kids came home before the snow is a pansy when it comes to the cold and snow. She loved playing in the "nose" until she face planted. She jumped up crying and shaking not knowing what to make of it...typical toddler reaction.

She couldn't refrain from eating the of course we had to make her some snow ice cream. Posted by Picasa

It's snowing!

She was sick of me taking pictures and just wanted to go out and play, can you see that?! ;)
Maisy tried to show her how to make snow angels, but we didn't get very far ;)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Loved the Einstein hair too much to keep from capturing ;)

Kisses for mommy...too precious.
She loves her bath times...she runs in saying "baff, baff." She then proceeds to run into the room with the toilet saying "potty". We sit her there, but nothing happens, besides her then proceeding to reach for the toilet paper. She's still too young to catch on, but at least she's linking the toilet to "potty" ;) She just knows that's what mommy does right now. She then runs back to the bathtub to try to play in the water from the spout before the tub fills. And bathtime is not complete without her "duddies" or duckies. When I shower with her, she loves to "wass" me as well...and knows when to lay down for bottom and hair rinsing...too big... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweeping and Guitar hero

Big helper...Makes me smile every time. She goes around the house with these saying "sweep, sweep." It is too adorable for words.
Since she can't "play" with the guitar, she has to settle for watching daddy play

And she still can't go anywhere without her blankie "bankie" and binkie "beebie." She now knows which kitchen drawer the binks are in. When going to eat the other day, she opened it (though she can't see inside) and dropped her bink in. When it comes time for bed, she knows right where to go, runs to the drawer, opens it, and points inside...asking for it of course by name...too much this one...
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Friday, February 5, 2010


So we're torn. We've been saying all along this was baby Evelyn...I always wanted Ava, but it wasn't popular in the house and too popular in names today...But I was looking up meanings and came across a couple variations and now I'm torn! especially since Allison was nice enough to already have a ceramic cup made for "evelyn." I need opinions. Other options are Avelyn, Avalyn, or Evalyn...all kind of give it a twist and put Ava in there. Also changes a nickname to Ava instead of Evie. The middle name will be Marie if it makes a difference. Opinions?! Oh no!

Random 2010

The hardwork that went into finishing the basement

and the fun times ;) Pictures of it nearly finished to come...

It has been quite the feat, but it's getting there. We now need the motivation to take it from being livable to finished...all the trim, closet doors, paint touch-up, etc. It's much better having the extra living space though. I can't imagine not having it! If only Jes's new job allowed us to use tax return for a new TV for the basement instead of bills, boo...

Family game night
We have been trying to do more of this lately...the kids desperately need it. With the winter making colds days and early nights, they are really needing time away from school...and media. Posted by Picasa

Christmas 09 cont'd

Chase, Mallory, Gianna, and Maisy on Christmas morning

Just the two of us Christmas morning before Mass

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Christmas 09

So very long overdue...More to come soon, but here are some pictures to get you started!
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