Friday, February 5, 2010


So we're torn. We've been saying all along this was baby Evelyn...I always wanted Ava, but it wasn't popular in the house and too popular in names today...But I was looking up meanings and came across a couple variations and now I'm torn! especially since Allison was nice enough to already have a ceramic cup made for "evelyn." I need opinions. Other options are Avelyn, Avalyn, or Evalyn...all kind of give it a twist and put Ava in there. Also changes a nickname to Ava instead of Evie. The middle name will be Marie if it makes a difference. Opinions?! Oh no!


  1. Hmm... I really like Ava, I actually have a cousin with a daughter named Ava. I think Avalyn is cute, and like you said, then her nick name could still be Ava. My best friend just had a baby and her name is Evie which is also super cute. Decisions, decisions!

  2. I like Avalyn. :) It's cute, at is a good combination of both! Since it's "a form" of Evelyn, it could be considered a saint's name, too, right? At least no one close has taken either one!

  3. Decisions is correct! So now we've halted on calling her any names ♥ I don't want to confuse Gianna! And I think we can squeeze either saint or Marian name in there then!