Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day!

Typical Gianna face ;) Of course she wants the camera!
Oh this is better ;) Enjoy cinnamon rolls on a Snow Day!

All ready to play! This a ski suit that my mom doesn't think has been worn/used since I was two and spent all of a few minutes on the bunny slopes before I cried for mom and dad and wanted to go in ;) I didn't like the cold then either! We went back to my parents a few days later and she immediately said "nose, nose?" as we pulled up, thinking we were going to play in the snow again!

First sled! She LOVED it...Grandpa was kind enough to take her out with Aunt Allison. He carried her back up the hill at "PaGa and MaGa" 's house the first couple of times, so every time after that she would stay laying saying "gin, gin!" She was quite disappointed and showed her terrible twos when bubba would dump her out ;)

Chilling after the snow!

She wanted to keep the hat on! Hot cocoa and graham crackers...waiting on snow ice cream that "PaGa" was making. She has been reversing some syllables, so that is how she repeats Grandpa (and grandma). The funniest one is when you call her a goober, she repeats "Booger"...Jes tried to correct it, but I told him it was funnier this way ;)

The kids rolled this all by themselves! It was stuck about twenty feet away from the house, because they couldn't roll the bottom any further! For a while, Maisy had her scarf and hat on him (or her?) was adorable!
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