Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not one of my favorite holidays...something needs to change, starting with the number of stops we make on Halloween!  This is one holiday that just seems to have lost it's luster.  I am going to brainstorm ways of improving for next year...If anyone else thinks of any, let me know!

The day does give some excellent shots though!  Seriously, how often are WE able to dress our kids up in cute costumes and actually get away with it past the standard toddler meltdown. 

This was earlier in the day.  So very cute.  We don't have many leaves at our house, so they truly loved the opportunity to play in someone else's!

I love these next pictures, because they show their personalities very well.  Evelynn is just fun-loving period.  She immensely enjoys a good laugh.   

Evelynn gets along well with Gianna, the slightly (lol) dramatic toddler who loves being doing anything for a laugh.

Waiting at MiMa and Grandpa's to see if they really do have to perform a trick to get a treat?!

We made a stop at Papa Jerry's and also saw Grandma Karen.

We went to Kelly's and to show off our wings and tail-feathers...

Posed with Aunt Kelly (I think she may have gotten the best set of smiles all night).

We started calling her Lydi-bug as a nickname ;)

This was Fun Night at the school.  Chase decided he didn't want to dress up.  I guess he's reached that age...
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall quite like the pumpkin patch.  I just LOVE it.  And when it comes to pictures, the colors at a pumpkin patch are just divine.  By that, I mean the sky colors and air...well, the little faces just photograph so well in the great outdoors during fall...might as well mix in some orange and green with it, right?! 

We went out to Applejack Pumpkin Patch again.  Maybe we will mix it up a little next year, but you can't beat a good deal.  Once again, Living Socials gave us another good one!  They really do a great job of making it worth your time.  I've decided we need to pack a lunch and go during lunchtime in the future!  It was CRAZY busy when we got there, but after an hour, lunch came and all the schools left!  Perfect opportunity to have the place to ourselves!  They have swingsets, trains, tricycles, jumping pillow, hill slides, and of course the pumpkin patch itself ;)

Her are my "angels."  They certainly looked the part here!

Doesn't this picture look so Kansas-esque?!  Almost like a tornado could be photoshopped into the background!  Not that I would wish that upon the moment at all, but the colors feel like Kansas...
This is about as good as it got.  You should have seen the previous shots!  I can't remember what bribe I used to finally stop Evelynn's meltdown.  I had such high hopes, before I became a parent, that I wouldn't succomb to bribes...that lasted about two seconds after I became a mom.  Is it possible not to?  Really?! 

Our beloved neighbors...

This is how much Lydia enjoyed her first trip to the pumpkin patch!
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Monday, October 1, 2012


I hate that we lose track of time and oftentimes do not give subsequent children the same amount of attention.  That being said, it is what it is, and all we can do it try harder.  Here are some of Lydia.  What a sweet soul.  Truly...

Do you feel your heart melting looking into those precious eyes?

I wish I had so much more time to do just this.  I think I have decided I need to be a baby rocking volunteer at a hospital when I grow up :)

Look at those rolls!  That much more to love.

Her smiles are just too much.  And she loves to smile.

I could look at her all day...
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evelynn's 2nd Birthday

This little girl is DEFinitely ornery, no doubt about that!  But she also has just an amazing disposition.  She is a cuddler, who LOVES life.  She is very bright and loves to laugh.  Her smile is contagious, so much so that I'm pretty sure she KNOWs it gets her out of trouble sometimes.  And she has a sensitive soul.  She will cuddle with you in a heartbeat, and she knows when something is wrong. 

Her curiousity, that is what gets her.  She is so curious!  And since she is hands-on, she has to discover EVERYthing...and feeling soap smeared all over the counter, or yogurt all over table, is not good enough just one time...OH no...and crayon, she has to see it in ALL colors all over the walls. 

But boy is she cute.  And so loveable.

The first time she remembers going to Texas Roadhouse, this little girl fell IN LOVE with the moose head right above the door.  She was infatuated with it.  She kept wanting to go tell it hi.  I'm almost positive we even had a crying session in the parking lot before leaving, because she wanted to tell the moose goodbye one more time.  The "moose" has kind of been her thing ever since, thus the moose pillow.  I think it will be more our thing for her than her thing in the long run...she will soon forget, but we never will...

She knows when she is the center of attention...can't you just FEEL the orneriness?

Somehow she was tricked into taking it to daddy.  She'll take coins over bills, or tickets, any day.

She stayed a little cleaner this time around!

Favorite phrases:
"I'm gonna do it all by my big girl self"
"I got you and you got me!  I got you babe!"
Bag of bananas "No not bananas, just one"
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