Monday, November 29, 2010

Kids cuteness

My growing girl. Each day is filled with such amazing treats. It is a good thing, because those bad moments, that only make you want to scream (and sometimes do a little), but follow with a deep breath, a glance at the St. Terese prayers sitting on my counter, and a hug to remind me what a gift she is, are really bears sometimes. That was a lot, a big ramble, hope you caught it all ;)

She is so big, saying things I can't even keep up with! With thought processes I didn't know she was capable of yet!

Picking up a pretzel off the floor, blowing on it and saying "it's okay now."
Conversation with Jes, visible deep thinking followed by: "Gianna's at home?" pause, pause "daddy's at home, mommy's at home, baby Evie's at home, bubba (pause, pause)Bubba's (pause, pause) at school?"
Daddy: "No, bubba's at Mallory's"
Gianna: "Bubba's at Mallory's, sissy's at Mallory's (pause pause) I miss Bubba and sissy. Daddy misses bubba and sissy, mommy misses bubba and sissy, baby Evie misses bubba and sissy, kitty cat misses bubba and sissy."

Sorry for all the grammatical errors, but I sure hope you caught the cuteness.

Kelly and I drove through Starbucks for a sweet drink while having girl time this weekend (a luxury for sure, not an avid visiter to this place). Grabbed our drinks at the sindow, Gianna instantly says "Where's my drink?" with the saddest face in the world. So what did we do, of course we drove back around...smoothies are kid friendly right?!


Just little reminders of His presence with us, I am sure. Why else would we be given these amazing gifts?

Showing us what they are capable of, in these littleness...

Making us tear at the slight errors on our part, because WE are capable of more...

Giving us His love, the only way possible...



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