Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evelynn's First Birthday

She has always been an absolute delight. She truly is my lover and cuddler. She loves people SO much. She is now WALKING! She was taking first steps the week of her birthday, but nothing stops her now! She is in 12-18 month clothes in a size 3 shoe (although rapidly getting smaller!). She laughs all the time, and it is an absolutely contagious laugh....makes me want to laugh just thinking about it. Just recently, she has picked up a squeal, and boy is it loud! She has it mastered! She combines that when crying in the middle of the night making it too ear-piercing to ignore.

She has six front teeth, has cut her upper left molar and is working on the right! She has just picked up biting, not on purpose, but through discovery. She loves her binky, blankie, and, as of late, her giraffe from the pictures below.

She LOVES her sister, and Gianna loves her. They are now at an age where they will just play quietly in their room together, and I listen quietly to make sure all is well, but am careful so as not to disturb and disrupt their precious imaginations from running wild...their rooms afterwards, wow!

She loves the great outdoors...didn't think it was possible to love them more than Gianna, but boy does she. She LOVES water as well, if she hears a bath, she comes running and starts to strip and climb into it herself! This combined with her fearlessness make for interesting trips to the pool. On the other end, Gianna loves the pool, but is currently terrified of drowning...pictures of a toddler creeping her way away from the pool with a baby diving in at the same time...I told Jes, the pool is NOT relaxing anymore ;) But I am glad they enjoy it.

Evelynn also loves shoes...ha! Girl after my own heart, runs to her room when I mention getting dressed and that is the first thing she goes for! She does enjoy looking at books, but can't sit and listen to an entire one yet. She eats until she sees NOTHING left! and even then, sometimes still cries for more food. She is a monster eater. Always has been...we will have to teach moderation early with this one ;)

Currently she sleeps about eleven hours at night (give or take the occasional tooth). She has recently given up breast milk...no interest...both of mine did that at about thirteen months! Makes me a little sad, I must say, but life goes on...

Okay, other things need done, so more later...however...

And without further adieu (a month late)...

Evelynn's birthday was splendid. Everything went beautifully. I decided to give many responsibilities to others. It was very helpful. Artistic cakes did the beautiful cake...the pictures do it no justice. It was truly extraordinary in person!

We had a few hiccups, but the outfit designed by Erica from Minky & Me turned out perfectly!

LOVE this picture!

Unlike Gianna, who wanted a fork to eat her first cake with, this one does not mind playing with her hands and getting messy!

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