Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evie's First Milk

Evie's first milk experience: Wow...the last picture shows it all too well. I never Gianna liked it immediately! But this one never would take formula either (on the off chance we'd be gone an hour longer than her normal feeding), she'd just refused until I got there. I know some adults that don't like milk, so it makes sense that some children wouldn't. I just didn't imagine! And she made it difficult, because she became completely disinterested in nursing during the day, so I was worried about the calories (since she didn't have enough teeth yet to eat many foods, but was too independent to let me feed her pureed). Wow...at long last, I decided to give her almond milk. Not as many calories as regular milk, but better for her than milk. I have since given her half almond and half regular, and that seems to work for her! Phew!!! No child is the same, right?! Count my blessings that she doesn't have any allergies to speak of thus far!

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