Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer catch up

Sorry in advance for the lack of editing pictures. In an effort to get caught up, I won't be fixing pictures. Forgive me. This is just a random collection of the kids. Enjoy!

Evelynn learned how to "honk" noses...needless to say, she couldn't get enough of it!

Fairly current picture of the kids!

We were given this very large minnie doll. Evelynn LOVES it...rolls on her, hugs her, tackles her, you name it!

Gianna loves to go in and "wake" Evie, which really just means she goes in to keep her company as soon as she wakes up. One day, I went in and this is what I found ;) She had climbed in herself...oh boy...

Though it looks like she is sad, she LOVES to color and gets very intense when doing it...

Gianna now LOVES to talk on the phone. I have to admit, it is ADORABLE to be able to carry on a real conversation with her when I'm not around ;) Makes me smile!

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