Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chase's 10th Birthday

Okay kids, so sorry on the delayed updates. There will most likely be a lot of pictures to come. But if you're like me, the pictures are your favorite part anyway! Explanation (eh huh excuses) to come later!

These are all from Chase's 10th birthday at All-Star Sports. I am not even going to link this because it is not worth my time. Sad, there are only so many places to hold a great kids party in town. It is a good thing he had a good time, but it was a BEAR! At this point, I never ever want to repeat this experience. Between having to pay for tokens because they didn't have enough for the kids, so we had to buy some to get the kids started (and they told us they would reimburse us, but went back on their word later), to serving food hours before the time I had requested and confirmed, to lying about the golf time, to losing our coupon and not giving us our money back. Problem after problem...hopefully someone else's experiences are better than ours!!!

Like I said, however, Chase and the kids had fun, so that is all that matters!

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