Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

So please bear with my lack of blogging. I have such DREAMS of having a beautiful blog that I can keep up with! The reality is, it never happens. L-I-F-E tends to get in the way. Four kids and one on the way tends to get in the way. However, I hope to never truly give it up completely. Some months may just be better than others, and I have to learn to accept that myself and move on. All we can do is all we can do, though it is SO hard as a melancholic mom to be OK with this ;)

So, I will trudge on. I will hopefully be filling in some of the gaps over the next couple days and weeks, so please look back in the past blogs in the future!

We were blessed with a BEAUtiful day to go to AppleJack's Pumpkin Patch with our dear (patient ;) neighbors. Don't these visits just have a way of bringing fall to us immediately? Even when the weather will turn to 80 the next day! The sights, smells (cough/sneeze the allergies...we won't dwell on that here). And I LOVE the colors of fall, which are so VERY present at pumpkin patches!

Well, as it is getting late here, I will share some of the picture highlights...

They do love each other ;) Though I am SURE this was followed by a load squeal from Evelynn!

She LOVED being able to pick them up herself!

I am absolutely in love with this one's smile...It's a good thing she can give sweet ones...this one is as ORNERY as they come!

Ha! And here is miss drama queen ;)

I was SHOCKED to see a picture here with BOTH looking and smiling!

Because this is how it usually smiles...

then the other ;)

Our sweet friend Taylor.

Melt my heart...

Aww, now this one isn't too bad either ;)

I just love this face! This is my DEAR friend Julia (neighbor). I don't know what I would do without her. This face just shows how GREAT she is!

And no, she didn't start OUT this way! The slide was a bit lop-sided! Made for some fun entertainment!

Barrel train ride!

It was a good thing it was almost over! I was beginning to worry Evie was going to jump!

The crew (and Joel taking the picture ;)

She LOVES mums...she is infatuated with their softness...I am afraid we made a bit of a dent on this one, whoops!

It HAD to be the green one, of course!

Evelynn decided to take a stab at it...unsuccessfully of course! Thank goodness for Joel's help!

She thought she could pick up ANY pumpkin then...phew, how we made it out as light as we did, I will never know!

Perhaps I should have fed my children?! Kidding ;)

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