Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week One with Lydia

These are some of the sweet moments captured of the girls and Lydia ;) All the kids LOVE her. Maisy has always been very maternal, and she is such a blessing. Chase loves her as well, and will ask if I need him to help hold her or pick her up ;) It's quite cute. He seems a little embarrassed to just ask to hold her outright, thinking it might be seen as 'uncool', so he disguises it as trying to help...we play along! Gianna is not as interested in holding, but loves her tremendously...she always talks about how cute she is, she will lean in and tell her she is beautiful, kiss her and tell her she loves her. And she is very helpful as well. Evelynn though, loves her something FIERCE. She is a little aggressive, but you can tell it's almost as if she just loves her so much she can't control herself! So much so that we have found her sharing her bouncy seat AND carseat with her! We have also found her laying on her trying to hug her! And she says she wants to 'hold it' all the time ;) Adorable. I hope the older two understand and appreciate the big family later on in life, and do not come to resent us for the sacrifices it entails...

Evelynn sees me with a burp rag, so she will take it from me and put it on her own shoulder and want to 'hold it' up on her shoulder like mommy does ;) Too cute...

First Bath!

Gorgeous...why can't they stay this little for just a hair longer!
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