Monday, March 5, 2012

Introducing Lydia Anne

I was a little weary about having a due date so close to Leap Day. Everyone else thought it would be great fun to have a baby born then! I was excited when my doctor said she thought I was going to go early...I never go early, and I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but for the sake of not having a Leap Day baby, I did. Okay, maybe it had a little to do with the fact that I had a rough third trimester as well ;) Regardless, the due date came and went, as per usual. I set an induction date for the day AFTER Leap Day. Both other girls came the day before the induction date, so I figured I'd do Jes a favor that way, and if she still didn't come, she'd be a March baby. I was set to go in at 6:30 on Thursday morning...that is way early for me! And my water broke at 4:30! Was He teaching me a lesson for thinking 6 was early? Regardless, I got no more sleep ;) Pit was started at about 7:45, progressed from my admitted 3 to a 6, where it stayed for awhile...heart beat started dipping, and the on-call doctor, speaking unkind words of C-Section, had me very nervous, anxiously awaiting my own doctor to get there and reassure her my 'very fast baby drop and completing' happen so fast my babies' heartbeats do drop and to be patient!! Praise God, my doctor got there JUST in time, told her just that, told the on-call to check me, just minutes after she already had, and the baby practically slipped out! (This is why I wanted to make sure baby came with my doctor there...too scared someone who doesn't know my situation will take me into surgery!) She was born in one contraction at 12:10.

This was me going in!

First look at my baby girl

I really thought she was going to be bigger than this! Phew!

First bath!

I love this picture with the dark lighting ;)

Proud Grandmas

LOVE these next pictures ;) They also require a bit of background. So while in the hospital, we were all really tested. Evelynn came down with a fever and a respiratory infection, which Maisy had been put on antibiotics for the previous week. No one wanted her around the baby, though I wasn't as worried. We called in a prescription from the hospital, but she did not get to come up to see the baby. With this, and it being a school night for Maisy and Chase, this meant no family pictures in the hospital...yet again...

Little did we know, that would not be the worst of it. Shortly after 1 AM, Jes got a call from my sister saying Gianna was sick with the flu (also had by Maisy three days prior). Jes, sadly, went home to care for her. I woke up three hours later with the flu. Knowing that nursing the baby was the best thing at that point, I feel as if I was about the closest to hell as I've ever been...nauseating after-cramps, flu, soreness from having birthed baby, all on my own...and I couldn't sleep. I counted down the minutes, through the whole next day, that I would get to go home! My sister was going to take me home, but Jes decided he'd leave Gianna to come up and get us. He missed holding his baby girl ;) Jes brought Evelynn up to see the baby for the first time. She was definitely needing her nap, but she didn't want dad to go yet again, and she was desparate to see the baby! She was an angel the whole time she was there. And she has been in love with her baby sister every since...
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