Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

We are naturally we are supposed to have a love for St. Patrick's Day, right?! Well, until we can once again truly enjoy going out, just the two of us, to enjoy green beer, I can convince Jes to go with me to the Delano District's parade! Jes cannot stand parades, but he loves me ;) So he went with us. My mom is like me, she loves an excuse for a parade, so she met us there (on her wedding anniversary ;). I must say, in my opinion though, when you are couped up indoors with kids, you will take any excuse to do something fun with the kids...especially when it's free! My mom also likes to bring fun accessories, like this hat ;)

and these glasses ;)

Proof that the baby was there!

And we ran into the Ormistons! They like good excuses for free kids things as well ;)

She is quite the drama queen these days ;) Which can be a good thing...

or it can be a bad thing ;) These next several pictures are the fruit of TRYING to get a terrible two-year-old and a trying three-year-old to take a picture on YOUR watch ;) according to your own will...HA! There are only about, hmmm, seven pictures between the first one here and the last one I have shown?!! Toddlers ;)

Family photos!
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  1. This just made me smile! It looks like you have so much fun! Also, I just got back from Ireland and have to say, I never realized *how* Irish your husband looks until now!