Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Littles

One of the largest weaknesses for me as a mom is not capturing the day to day moments enough. I have a favorite blog by Kelle Hampton, and the reason I LOVE her blog so much is because she truly seems to SOAK in those moments. I wish I had a little more of this...if only I had a maid ;) But really, I think it is my own fault. I get so wrapped up in everything else that needs done, that I don't pause enough to capture them...
Anyway, here are some of those moments of the family...
Maisy and Gianna were playing nativity ;) Precious!
The girls both grabbed Jes during his work day ;) to dance with them. They love playing Cinderella and naming him Prince Charming...too cute. I am so glad he humors them!
And no dance is complete without bowing and curtseying!
LOVE zoo pictures...
haha! Yes, those are skirts on their heads!!
She crawled in here all by herself to read ;) Sooo cute...
A pastry goodie brought back from Kelly from San Fran!
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