Monday, June 7, 2010

Gianna update

So both little ones are asleep AND I've managed a shower...we'll see how long this lasts (kids are upstairs playing...yikes!).

So, an update on Gianna's progressions...

She can now count to 10! Needs a little prompting, but she can do it. The little booger remembers a LOT and hides it from us because she doesn't like to perform on cue...little sneak. Periodically we catch her filling in sentences, songs (ABCs, twinkle twinkle, etc.) She manages the sign of the cross much better now...still needs some work though. She will come into the kitchen when she is hungry and start saying "Fadda, Jesus Christ" with her head bowed, knowing this means food comes after ;) The funny thing is, she associated Jesus Christ all on her own. Boggled Jes and I for days trying to figure out what she was saying in the very beginning...She points to Jesus, but we had never put the two and two together, or taught her "Christ" for that matter...interesting...

She loves piling things together. She will clean up a room and pick up anything she can to put in a certain place (as the pictures show). Amazing...anything we are missing? check her current pile. One held make-up (she loves "putting it on" using a powder brush) and even my glasses case! Ha!

She loves the baby. I am amazed at how maternal she got before the baby was born. She LOVED carrying her "baby dolly" around (thanks to the generosity of Maisy giving her hers). She fed it, gave it her blankie, etc. She wouldn't go ANYwhere without it. This carried over to the baby. Evie was born, and she automatically knew who she was. She does the same things...kisses her, hugs her, brings her blanket, binkie, etc all without prompting. She will look at me very concerned when tears errupt and say "ss (is) baby cying (crying)." If I am not there right that second, she will try to do the binkie job herself ;) I once laid Evelynn down to change her and automatically she went to get diaper and wipes for me (she knew :) She loves throwing diapers in the trash too! The jealousy has only manifested itself in the sharing aspect, and only slightly (she's never really had to share before).

She has developed more into the terrible twos...she crosses her arms, drops her head, and will even go hide her head in a corner or against a wall, bowed of course, if she doesn't want to do something! Ha! Jes and I have to hide our laughs, as it is too cute (bad, but SO cute!). Thus time-outs have started...

Ironically, she is very polite though! She has just started saying "solly" for sorry...the cutest thing! She says bless you, please, and thank you regularly...

We have recently gotten a swingset, so this will provide hours of entertainment I am sure! We are terribly excited...God is good! A neighbor of my parents made us an excellent deal after he said he was wanting to get rid of it...he even helped us move it! The trick will be keeping Gianna INSIDE!

Potty train, as suspected, came it a halt for the time being...she generally goes once or twice a day, but that's it. She doesn't even want her diaper changed though! I don't know what to do...and think this has affected her wanting to train (she doesn't care if she is wet...and disposables, don't work). Ideas? Thinking of waterproof pants...don't know what size though (the 2T pack, from Gerber, HUGE!) and some of the thicker panties for training?! Again, don't know how many. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Her new hat ;)

After Church with Grandma and Grandpa while we were in the hospital...I love this picture...

First time with the ice cream van man! Now she knows what the music means...darn

First rain puddle!

Her collections

Crawled up all on her own to type...ha!

Helping baby dolly ;)

Zoo with Kelly!

LOVE this picture

This was BEFORE the petting zoo...not so happy afterwards...oops!

Swingset and "Mima and Papa Stan's" house...

Easter morning with Maisy!

First experience of the music lover with a REAL piano...


  1. Yup, the 2T's are ginormous. Get the 12month size gerber plastic pants, they fit Gemma perfect. She wears them with the gerber cotton training pants. She had a few accidents at first and the plastic pants contained them really well, just dripped a bit on the way to clean her up. She is doing great now, but she was ready. Just be patient, when she's ready she'll let you know and it will be a snap. Is she in cloth or disposable dipes?

  2. What a smart little girl you have! It was so fun to hear about her development!