Friday, June 4, 2010

Catch up

St. Patrick's Day

First swim of the season

Chase's 9th B-Day

Life is rolling...and we are hanging on! It was nice having Jes home for a week all to ourselves. And then reality hit ;) He has been working so many hours, and he is terribly frustrated by his job. He has heard he was over-qualified for two positions at other places, and the third was almost a sure thing with Koch's IT department, and a last-minute internal candidate applied and was priority. So we keep hanging on...Prayers for God's will in all this would be marvelous!

The kids are home for the summer. This has been helpful with the new one, but I am trying to find a balance between the four kids and maintaining the house (especially since Jes can't help with work the way it is)...I feel as if I am failing! but keep thinking it will get better. I just wish I had more one-on-one time with the kids. There is too much to be done!

I am very glad school is out. I feel as if it is much harder going through grade school the second time round ;) They demand so much out of those kids, and I often felt as if all we do in the evenings is school work, eat, bathe, clean-up, and go to bed. It is even harder because of Maisy's unique artistic learning styles that are not met or understood...part of why we plan to homeschool the younger ones...many MANY more reasons come to us every day! I pray I have the strength to go through with it!

Soccer just wrapped up for the older two the week Evelynn was born. They are both doing well...I would love to get them in other things...

More to come...crying toddler...;)

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