Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoo with 3 babes!

Well, we did it...We bit the bullet and purchased another membership to the zoo...I dread it more every year, especially when membership prices go up nearly $25 in a year! The lady said "if it made me feel any better, the normal admission prices went up as well." No that doesn't help! Although, nearly $14 for one adult?! OUCH!!!

I digress. I NEED a zoo membership. I feel like it is a wonderful escape, and once I have doled out my hunk of change, I can somehow make myself believe we are going for free!! Silly, I know, but it is always an option! Especially on days like this...a beautiful 60 some-odd degrees! BEAUTIFUL!

This was Lydia's first time to the zoo. She like it so much, she slept the whole time! ha! Ironically enough, this picture was taken in front of the monkeys!

Here's our own little monkey...imitating the real thing ;)

We passed the bench, and Gianna yelled at us to 'come back!' because we hadn't taken a picture on it yet...precious...

The lions were posing...

The elephants were too?! Not very polite though!

Traditional Kelly/Ev picture ;)

Oh, if only you knew just how hard it was to even get THIS picture...ouch...can you believe, however, that EVIE was the one that was actually behaving?! This picture doesn't show it, but THAT is how rough it was!

Evie wanted to help push Lydia, such a lover!

Didn't even make it out of the parking lot ;) Poor baby...
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