Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter sure did sneak up on us this year! I don't know why, no major changes in our house recently ;) Day-to-day plans seem to change by the minute around here. I guess five kids will do that. Regardless, egg dying happened AFTER the two hour vigil, so Chase was SO thrilled about it! ha! Maisy was a little more enthusiastic!

Gianna woke us up on Easter with reports that there were eggs all over! Although she was also concerned because the eggs were inside, not out. She was afraid the Easter Bunny had not come because of this!

Here is Evelynn's good morning face ;)

Happy Easter Morning!

How Evelynn spent her Easter morning!

The Easter picture we are so proud of!

From the Brouillettes
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  1. LOVE the family picture. I miss you! Great color coordinating going on there.