Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gianna Bean

What a character. I wish I could freeze this age...minus the temper tantrums ;)

She has learned her colors! Until recently, she didn't understand the word "what color is this?" However, on her own she would say different colors and point to things. One of my favorite is going in the St. Francis school bathrooms, "it's orange!" She's done this everytime since, pointing to the bright orange stalls. We went to Target last week, and asked her point to the appropriate color towel (love the colorful towel aisle!). She knew them all! Blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, gray, white, black, she is finally understanding the question and responding appropriately. So exciting to watch her point colors out!

Her ABC's are nearly perfected, and she is also wanting to start counting past ten! She is beginning to understand what counting is, and counts items all over the house.

She says too many cute things...have to think of some neat ones.

Last night I had to run some errands, my mom and Allison reported later that for fifteen minutes straight, Gianna and Evelynn had the giggles laughing OUT LOUD at each other! And no CAMERA! So sad...wish I could have seen it. They have been interacting more and more lately. Adorable to watch, Gianna will take toys over and play with Evelynn regularly. And she's been saying Evelynn's full name lately too...precious. She has also learned her last name "Gianna Bewlet". Here are her latest...Still need to update many more!

She won the big one with daddy. The second we got home, she ran to get the little one that matched! It was as if she's been waiting to do that!

Had a phone call from Kolbe while she was coloring ;)

Kelly happily joined her coloring. Gianna was truly sharing who she was. She LOVES to color.

She calls these her Santa Duckies ;)

She was trying to curl her eyelashes too...I don't think she's going to need that!

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