Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bulb Syringe...the latest fad



So the little booger (no pun intended) HATES the bulb syringe, but has decided she wants to try it herself! After throwing another temper tantrum, she sits up, grins from ear to ear, grabs the aspirator followed by the nearby Kleenex, and puts them right up to her nose! Turkey. She also found a doll of Maisy's that she began carrying around everywhere while holding and swaying from side to side...pictures to come. How quickly they learn! We also bounced a ball with Chase outside. She LOVES bouncing balls ~ or tossing rather. She doubles over laughing hysterically! I love her laugh...adore it. I also rolled her a t-ball for the first time, and she immediately rolled it back! I am so grateful the kids love her so much...and love playing with her.

Among other things, her sixth tooth has moved down in a hurry and decided to reveal itself! She now has her first six! It's about time ;)
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