Monday, August 31, 2009

Dinner Delight

Phew...another day over folks. One of those days! Bypassed the nap to clean around the house in anticipation of the party this weekend. Gianna woke from her nap and we had mom/daughter bonding in the shower. I said it...Many have different opinions on the subject, but this little girls undoubtedly wakes every single time I get in the shower and is not content with ANYthing while I am taking one. Solution, I use the extended shower-head, pointing it as far away from her as possible. I pour some of her bubbles in the water, and she plays with her duckies happy as a clam! Why I didn't think of it sooner, I have no idea! but it works.

Kids up from school, and we started towards the mall to pick up the kids' pictures. They have been cropped wrong, in goes another order...alas. They were pacified with Orange Julius'. We all remember the Orange Julius...delicious! Then we went on a mad search for decent priced school pants...Chase has already managed a hole in his knee! He walked away with a battle-wound as well. Guess he beat the pavement ;) but his pants definately lost. Picked up baby Gianna's birthday gift from Babies-R-Us and finally on the way home! when Jes calls...Chase has practice in thirty minutes...still not used to the practice schedule.

Make a quick run to Dillon's during his practice, and remembered a delicious EASY inexpensive meal that I always seem to forget. I think I figured the kids wouldn't like it one way or another; boy was I wrong! French Dip Sandwiches. If anyone has not tried them, wow...

4 Hoagies (whole wheat works wonders!)
1 lb Sliced Roast Beef
Cheese of your choice
Au Jus (easy to make with a packet from the seasonings aisle)

Slice up some fruit and veggies, cottage cheese. Takes all of about ten minutes to put together including cooking the Au Jus. Wow, I definately didn't get enough Roast Beef. They were scarfed! and definately a hit.

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  1. Mmm... The sandwiches sound delicious! We'll have to try them. And the shower? Yeah. We do that all the time. Collin is 2 and he still gets an occasional shower with mom or dad when he didn't get a bath the night before. I put the plug in and let him play with his Backyardigans Pirate ship. Works like a charm!

  2. Bennett didn't bath by himself until he as over 1. He always got in the tub with me. In fact, he still gets in and he's over 2 now!