Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sign Language

I forgot to mention a couple of things. Gianna is greatly advancing in sign language too! She is much like a cat and chooses when she wants to use it, but she waves bye bye and hi (and says both, although bye bye much more consistantly). She also is getting much better at "more" and "all done." She is gaining so much personality. She'll giggle much more and hugs herself while crouching in on herself almost shy-like while laughing...adorable.

The other two kids are growing like weeds! Maisy is excelling in her drawing. We would love to get her in art classes when finances are not so tight, because she truly has a gift. She has been drawing Disney characters from a book she has. It is eye-balling not tracing. Though some proportions are a little off, it is amazing work! Chase has gained a very large fascination towards Star Wars. He loves video games, but definately has to be curbed, for it makes him much more edgey. They both have great imaginations...and they work together, MOST of the time.

PS~ Haven't forgotten about the picture Jen! Just haven't been able to get a good one! I'll get one in CO for you!

Love you all!

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