Monday, July 6, 2009

Gianna 10 months

Wow! Sorry it has been so long. It's hard to get time away! Gianna is now 10 months old. Hard to believe she will already be a year old in two months! She is now imitating everything. We can make it through her touch-and-feel animal books and she will at least imitate all the vowels on a good day. Some consonants make it out as well. The other day we said baby girl and she imitated with bibi ji...pretty close in my opinion! But I'm just the proud mom ;) She will balance for about five to ten seconds when she wants to. She's such a mover though, she doesn't like to hold still! Due to the fact that Grandma Les taught her how to suck through a straw, she is not as keen about sippy cups...working on that one. She's progressing with all foods, and has only reacted to full size rice...she can't stand the texture! She is a definate mooch...she will beg for ANYthing you are currently eatting. She is getting some color! which excites me...she won't have her mother's skin. She is still growing the tuft on the top of her head ;) Waiting for the rest to grow in. No news on the top two teeth...although they have to be close. She had a really bad week last week sleeping through the night with lots of we wait. She bit me hard once...still healing (I'm afraid she was using me as a teether because her top two hurt!). She is learning to love swimming! We go a decent amount. Our favorite is the YMCA. They have amazing pools with lots of activities for the kids and swings in the pool for the babies!

Things are going well. I wish I had more time for my spiritual life...that is my greatest struggle right now. The kids are enjoying summer, but are growing accustomed to being near each other for any extended period of time...that is the challenge ;) We leave for vacation in a week, which means LOTS of preparing! Going from packing one to packing five seems very intimidating to me! and I feel I have to start asap. My whole family is going (hoping my dad will be off work...few more days to find out for sure...prayers would be excellent). We will be Colorado bound! Can't wait to see the mountains. Horse-back riding and rafting on are the to-do list. Of course hiking will not be forgotten, and Crested Butte will be had by all!

That's all I can think for now! More later I'm sure ;)

All the beautiful kids!
Aubrey with the babe

First time watching fireworks!

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