Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gianna Stories

Pictures to come soon...

In the meantime, I have been collecting a list of funny conversations:

Last night (after she finally went back to sleep and then woke briefly after her night terror) I hear her mumbling something, I think she is saying 'I love you', so we go back and forth a few times, then I hear her distinctly say what she has been saying all along "Fadda" with her hands folded (Father!) wanting to pray before going back to sleep! She pointed to a statue of Mary holding Jesus the other day, said Jesus' name, followed by "baby". I asked who was holding Jesus to make sure she knew what she was talking about "Mary" she says...always with the rolling of the r's. Too cute...

While drinking, gulp gulp "Ahhh" she says...

Spills on mommy, runs to get the towel "here go!" followed by "there you go!"

Spilled cat bowl yesterday, and she ran to get the hand towel to wipe it up without me knowing! She knows what to do!

Every time I say 'whoops!' she answers with 'I solly' (sorry). Usually I've done something so respond with 'my fault'. Now, one day I said 'whoops', she said 'I solly', I said 'no you didn't do anything', and she answers 'Mommy's fault'. Ha!

When she's ready to leave my mom's, she says 'bye', runs to the door, remembers she needs keys, "MOMMY!!", "does mom have the keys", she says "no", "does dad have the keys?" "um hm" (yes). Sometimes she will just grab the diaper bag, say bye bye and run to the door!

We went to a friends for a bridal shower. We went potty, and she starts singing the Happy Birthday song, I am confused, and then she points to the candles on the counter! Apparently all candles mean birthday now ;)

Pointing to a picture of Santa with a beard "Papa Stan" would think this would want to make my dad cut his new "facial hair", but no...

She has a favorite Barney bib at moms, and a Star bib back-up. She looks down and sees Barney is dirty "Wash Barney?", "We'll get him in a minute", she looks down at Barney again "Almost Barney. Wash Twinkle? (star bib)"

After bath, she sees her ducks in the tub and starts singing "Clean up, clean up, everybody share" (a little short of the whole clean-up song)

She grabs the camera "Cheese! Look at me, look at me" don't realize what you say to children until they start repeating it!

She is now curious about everything! "zat?" she asks (what's that).

She now says "Bless you" when you sneeze...or cough...needs a little work.

She saw dad cover Evie with HER blanket one day and had this terrified look thinking it wasn't hers anymore and asks "Nanna's blanket?" We told her it still was, she says "OK!" and grabs it as fast as she can...ha!

And who could forget "oh really?" after me telling her

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  1. Too cute! My favorite is the 'look at me! Look at me!" And yes, sometimes we don't realize what we say to children when the phrases seem so little!
    Now, Lilah at 3 knows that she should not touch her food unless she has said her prayers, no matter where we are at or who we are with. She'll ask, "mama, did they say their prayers?!"