Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching up

Being a goof ;) Like the aspirator as well? Hates me using it on her, but loves picking it up and trying it on her self...she grabs it and says "no, no" for nose, and continues to use it and a kleenex to "clean" her own ;) She has blown her nose for several months though, so that helps!
She is catching up finally! She is right at about 19 pounds, still little, but has gained a great deal in height. I am now down to one feeding a day...she has lost interest, and more or less weaned herself. She loves just about all foods. Favorites are "chee" cheese, "manana" banana, and "aher" cracker. She now knows her meals, and will ask for "behbah", "na na" (breakfast and lunch) especially. She says juice, milk, please, thank you (and uses the last two appropriately a good deal of the time without being prompted). She has taken to nodding and saying Yeah regularly to questions asked, which is a great help. At bedtime, she takes her milk, grabs her blankie and binkie, and says "nigh nigh". We'll ask if she is sleepy, and she'll sign the word and wimper "seepy". She LOVES bedtime, but I think it is because of getting to cuddle with her blanket. Jes and I take her to bed and she gives us both hugs and will fall towards her crib ;) We do wonder if nightmares are beginning...she will wake every once and a while screaming...but when we turn on a light and try to talk to her, she is fine and will settle down. She can be moody, but has turned into a very happy girl. She loves her siblings, as they do her, and definately misses them when they're gone. She calls them "issy and bubba". When the kids come home, they immediately ask for her, and by that time she hears them and races to come greet them! Melts my heart when she does the same to me if I'm gone...she gets so excited! One of her favorite games is when the kids "chase" her saying they are going to "get" her. She run around the main floor laughing hysterically! She loves "titty" kitty, but is beginning to get a little rough...likes to hold on to his tail and follow him around. But if we say to pet or be nice she says "paaa" for pet and acts innocent :) She is now walking everywhere. A few weeks ago, she finally mastered pushing up from the floor without something to hold onto, so that got her going full time. She LOVES reading...especially when accompanied by music (Jes and I know the whole song of Over the River and Through the Woods because she loves the singing). She signs book regularly while saying "ba" and asks to get "upease" up please to be read to. She then says "dow" when she's reading to get down. She speaks so much, the kids LOVE trying to get her to say new words! I truly think signing has helped her comprehension. She gets a good deal of what we say, whether it be getting out, closing, put it away, etc.

We heard the baby's heartbeat Thursday...166...the nurse joked based on the wive's tale that it was a girl because of the fast heartrate...Jes didn't much appreciate that. The boys are definately voting for a boy...especially Chase. It would be a great birthday gift for him! The baby is due May 11 just days before his birthday. I am beginning to feel better, but not completely recovered yet. Thank you for all of the prayers! That's about all I can think of to catch you up on now! Enjoy all the new pictures! So sorry for the delay...I will try to be better!
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  1. Glad to hear that Gianna is coming along into her own! We used signing for such a long time, and it cut down on our communication frustration so much! I loved signing, and sometimes she'll still use some sign words, but for the most part she likes to talk-as do most girls!
    And yea for the new baby! Glad to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better as well!