Wednesday, June 10, 2009

9 month appointment

So she has now had her second tooth for about a week and a half. I have my suspicions the top ones are working their way down very fast...she has been constantly sucking on her top lip. We increased her feeds quite a bit a few weeks ago for fear of her lack of weight gain...instead of gaining weight, she just became more active and burned it all off! She just had her nine month appointment and weighs in at 14 lbs 12 oz. Small I know. I was worried about the appointment, but the doctor was not concerned. She is still at 5th percent for weight and 25th for height...this has always been her curve. Such a petite little girl. She received two shots, but was back to smiling and giggling as soon as she was handed her rubber ducky! The doctor was asking about developmental markers which she met all of but one....she asked if she knew what "no" meant. I looked at Jes and said "is she supposed to?" using it recently I think she knows...we just haven't had to use it much!

She is cruising everywhere, and we have even caught her walking on a walker already! She loves the cat, and every once and a while we catch her smiling lips full of cat hair...nice ehh? She recently found a little craft eye ball off of a craft project and injested that...that was interesting to see returned ;) Had me a little worried, but welcome to having a crawling baby! They seem to find everything.

She has taken to squealing to hear herself (including the tail end of Mass...seemed she thought the visiting priest at St. Peter's was taking a little too long ;) She is laughing like crazy and also started an odd grunting noise that she finds hilarious. She likes to wave bye-bye while saying "ba" on her own terms and comes out repeating me telling daddy we took "a ba" after her bath (which we finally received a seat for as she was rolling all over the place intentionally). She is definately fascinated with noises and truly watches us to try to figure out how we are saying them. It's amazing. Her favorite trick is asking her if "Gianna wants to do upside down?" She bows her head down on our collar bone ready to stand on her head. It's adorable. Her favorite toys currently are the larger legos...she loves the clicking noise they make! Still waiting to go swimming, because her mom is a pansy and doesn't like the water cold! Ha! Had it on the plans for today until it clouded over. That's all I can think of for now! Sorry for the long delay ;)


  1. What a cutie!! Wow, she is small!!! I remember being asked the same question about "no" at either Gemma's 9 or 12 month appt. and it really wasn't an issue yet. She has since learned and really is a very good listener. And haha, I'm the same way about pool water. Gemma has actually never swam outdoors, just at Genesis. Enjoyed the update!

  2. She is so precious. Looks like she's LOVIN' some Mommy Time! YAY! Love U!

  3. P.S. Mommy, quit being a sissy & take Gia Paige to the pool already. Or Auntie Jen will come do it! (smile)

  4. Super cute- but you've got to get rid of that cat. Plus, then you'd have the added benefit of me and baby Raymond coming to visit for awhile!